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We write and develop for Hispanic / Latin American audiences.

Jose Marquez was born in Havana, educated in the US and worked with Telemundo (Comcast NBCUniversal) for a decade where he began writing, directing and producing short and longform.

Ana Machado was born in Tijuana, educated in the US, taught video art at Berkeley, was an assistant editor on various documentaries and worked in marketing for a billion dollar endowment before seeking a TV Film Producer certificate from UCLA.

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mexican-american dreams stolen by wall street, starring telenovela & youtube stars, for tweens

writer/producer/director: Jose Marquez
io9 (Gawker) review
LA Times review
excerpted scenes, stillframes, tumblr
A lesson learned: don't shoot the first draft of a comedy web series turned sci-fi thriller unless you're still going for comedy.


fake memories for Daddy's girl; not quite a sequel to ISA, a sprint

writer/producer/director: Jose Marquez
LA Times review
excerpted scenes, stillframes
A lesson learned: a few people care "who killed the butler?" but everyone cares "why?". also, what was that about not shooting first drafts? oh, never mind.

Ana Maria in Novela Land
a slacker magically swaps places with a novela villain

writer/producer: Jose Marquez
The Wrap review
A lesson learned: aesthetics matter.

2002: listen to "SOS"
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"Mejor Grupo Nuevo" dado por la Conferencia de Música Latina Alternativa

Everything Changes
2004: listen to "Julio"
Static Discos, Tijuana, Mexico
"recalls Morr Music, the Spinanes, and the Postal Service" — Philip Sherburne

The New World
2005: listen to "B.U.S.I.N.E.S.S."
Static Discos, Tijuana, Mexico

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