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Audiences follow heroes.

We put Latines front and center.

Below is part of our story.

Ana was born in Tijuana, began as an assistant editor and is currently producing with Migrante and AztlanPixel.

Jose was born in Habana, worked with Telemundo for 13 years, where he began with shorts and then longform, as well as directing.

We are currently developing shows for Estrella Media.

Please email us at firstname @ migrante.tv or develop @ migrante.tv for our current slate.

Some of our previous work

Loops audio drama

A lonely professional befriends a bizarre stranger caught up in a web of deceit and murder.

starring Teresa Ruiz, Vivica Fox and Yul Vasquez. Five episodes, four and a half hours. Not an audiobook.

excerpt, overview and script

ISA feature

coming of age scifi about a mexican-american dreamer whose dreams are literally being stolen by wall street

Jose was writer/producer/director. starring telenovela & youtube stars. in English and Spanish, for tweens, with product integration.

io9 (Gawker) review
LA Times review
excerpted scenes, stillframes, tumblr

Reversion feature

a loose sequel to ISA: the daughter of a tech scion is gaslit.

Jose was a writer/producer/director.

LA Times review
excerpted scenes, stillframes

Ana Maria in Novela Land feature

a slacker magically swaps places with a novela villain.

Jose was a writer/producer.

LA Times review
excerpted scenes, stillframes

how we work

How we work

If we could write our own headline, it would read:

Move fast, think slowly, make great things.

Whenever you're looking for something new, what takes the longest time is finding the right questions to ask.

We've done that work already.

Culture is knowable. We've used the history of ideas, digital marketing and prototyping to solve for "x".

We develop deeply researched ideas, made by fluid teams for the new now.

Thank you!

previously, DBA as Pepito


Migrante, 2002
listen to "SOS", read profile

"Mejor Grupo Nuevo" dado por la Conferencia de Música Latina Alternativa

Everything Changes, 2004
listen to "Julio"

"recalls Morr Music, the Spinanes, and the Postal Service" — Philip Sherburne

The New World, 2005
listen to The New World and/or "B.U.S.I.N.E.S.S."